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. >> i don't think people understand what happens to a family. they talk about what happens to troops but that is good people understand. that but they don't know how this did he have states families. >> for one man, the procession reminded him of the need to take care of the newest crop of vets. >> people went into armed forces because they couldn't get jobs now they're coming out we're going to have an interesting situation. >> this is the 95th year for the parade there are crowds lining market street. people have noticed crowds are thinner than usual this vietnam vet notice aid small turn out. so did another vietnam vet. >> there is a lot of people getting old yefr older. a lot of people are disgusted with the government and don't think about coming to this. >> whether that is the case spectators got to enjoy bands and even a scottish bag pipe unit. >> one last note about veteran's day. starting commemorating peace after world war i at 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. >> well, continuing the philippines disaster you'll want to help. bef
. i don't know what to say. to think, robin? >> bat kid thought it was pretty darn cool he hop into theed bat mobile. they were off to rescue a damsel distress. not a moment to spare. bat kid arrived to foil the attempted bank robbery. a busy morning for bat kid with more still to come. so a pit stop was in order. even super heros have to eat. the break won't last long. a flash mob signalled giants mascot lucille had been kidnapped by the evil penguin. bat kid chased down the penguin, rescuing lucille. it was a typical day for a super hero like bat kid ending with a rally in front of gotham city hall. mayor lee presented mim with a key to the city. and to think that miles just thought he's getting a costume. he was so excited for that. no idea what is in store today. the day ended but the family will be here for a couple more days they're going to see the city now that it has turned back to san francisco and no longer gotham city. >> thank you. >> who could morgue yet the song? lucille taken through union square. >> so 1, 1 social media celebrity is the penguin, whose twitter
holiday sales earlier. >> will it disappear in the next five years? i don't think so. will we say this used to be a very important day? but not anymore? in five years, yes. >> and deep discounts don't matter and teenagers are willing to que up. >> you're wailwilling to buy at full price? >> yes. >> some of the shopping is being done away from malls and local retailers like those in pleasanton. abc7 news is live on main street right now with that part of the story. hi, laura. >> reporter: hi, carolyn. people are not into those long lines that we saw in david's story that lead to deep discounts. tomorrow supposed to be small business saturday. we found folks getting the jump on that by coming here, spending black friday here. this is a sign in front of the chain store. it's outside prim a small boutique in pleasanton. >> what is the best bargain? >> accessories are buy one, get one half off. you can get socks for 14s sxdz a necklace for $11. there you go. >> it's a small store but there are big deals like many retailers provided an added bonus that can't be measured in dollars and
is a refresher on dos and don'ts. to avoid being ripped off. courtesy of george gascone. use a credit card. stick to web sites you trust. watch out for deals that sound too good to be truchlt importantly watch out for yourselves. be aware of your surroundings. >> just use common sense. just make sure i'm parked in a safe area. >> yes. good to be aware of the situation. right? this may be common sense but all of us can use reminders to have a happy holiday. >> some former workers are speaking about, out about wall mrt's staffing at stores with 1 million workers on thanksgiving day. >> christmas shopping is done. >> the company's commercials are everywhere. you've probably seen them, not everyone likes it. abc7 news is live tonight in san jose with more on this. david? >> there is no question, retailers quick to point out there are six fewer shopping days this year, almost a full week, so for walmart and other retailers every day counts, including thanksgiving. this walmart will open at 6:00 a.m thanksgiving morning staying open 36 hours through midnight on black friday. a former asocietiesit says
accused of setting fleishman or fire. now charged as an adult with two felonies hate crime. >> i don't want to be too harsh just because people do dumb things, you know. especially when they're teenagers. i think i'd have him as a juvenile, so for sasha, there's still room for giving amid all the thanks this holiday. >> still painful. >>> there's a wild crime spree this morning in east san jose. police shot and killed a stabbing suspect after they say he tried to ram an officer with a stolen car. the crime spree started at a home where the unidentified suspect stabbed several people. then he carjacked a van on north jackson avenue. the van got on to i 680 going the wrong direction. the police chased the van off mayberry road and the driver trying to run them down. that's when officers shot him. >> was there any return fire by the police? >> we don't know. just like five, six times in a row shot that's it. >> a police department spokesperson says an officer shot the suspect at least once killing him. he's not been identified. the stabbing victims all suffered nonlife threatening injur
. >> that is something you want to keep an eye on. but i don't think we have issues with any that have stuff on this football team. >> there is a culture of hazing in sometimes teams this is a video documenting how rookies had to demean themselves.. >> i like shorts up a little bit. >> we asked the coach how he polices harassment. >> you have commune indication making sure that everybody feels included and we're doing what we set out to do. we talk about playing great football, graduating. not doing anything that comes between us and those goals . >> i don't know what is going on there. we're behind moose there i got to play with him two years here. i wish him the best in whatever is going on right now. >> let's bring in abc7 news sports anchor. a question, hazing a part of the team. a rookie to be able to withstand daily hazing. the nfl is a military based style boot camp back then. my worst moment is a veteran player defecated in my helmet and made sure i would not get a new one we had to sing college fight song. if you refused you were thrown into a sewer pond behind the cafeteria. i arr
at the label. >> i feel better when i see baked prepared goods from someone else. it would be nice they don't have transfats. >> allen may get a wish. fda proposed measures to that would just about eliminate transbats the substance is that that is a major contributor to heart disease. >> look for 0 translats fats, low saturated fat. >> transfats have been slowly disappearing the agency wants to finish the job. >> the cdc estimated that if we can eliminate transfats, 20,000 heart attacks per year will be prevented. and 7,000 lives, per year, will be saved. >> in california, they've gone after fast spots and restaurants but didn't ban them from goods on store shelves like cookies, peanut butter and even kid-friendly pop tart. so what is a shopper to do? if you see anything other than a 0 on the transfat line, put it back on the shelf. >> you can still have some transfats in a product that says 0. you need to look at ingredient list see fit lists something called partially hydrogenated oil. the same thing. it's everywhere. take a look at your snack, then look at the fine print. in less than a
plans for another year, even if those plans don't meet obamacare standards. this is not a mandate. each state must decide whether they'll follow the president's plan. within hours, california insurance commissioner dave jones sent a letter to the state insurance exchange. jones wants covered california to modify the contract with health insurers. >> neither federal nor state law allow me with action today, to outright stop the cancellation s but i will urge california's insurance companies follow the president's call. >> the state insurance commissioner wants insurers to issue new notices offering a chance to renew policies. >> our abc7 news facebook page have you had trouble signing up on health these are responses. one, i had no problem signing up with covered california. i will save $280 for better health care however, pam said yes we had trouble. the site is not available or if you get on the page it keeps freezing up. covered california says despite criticism, surveys show 69% found the process was easy to complete. 88% of the customers vi
to undue influence. >> we don't know about the conference they're going to maui. they're educating legislatures on issues we don't know what issues are or what relationships are built. >>> a separate group meeting next week. the trip sponsored by pacific policy foundation. >> thousands of people insured by anthem blue cross in california will not have policies cancelled after all. state insurance commissioner announced 104,000 anthem policy holders will be keeping their insurance until the end of february. the policies set to expire december 31st but are extended because anthem failed to give required 90 day notice. anthem is the latest major health insurar to delay coverage in the wake of controversy over related deadlines. >> officials released i video to remind us what to do when emergency vehicles turn on lights ask sirens. >> drive to the right edge of the road. >> listen to this. emergency vehicles use lights and sirens 500 times per day just in santa clara county. officials say in the enough people know what to do. so there is a safety campaign for the month of november. >>
. >> shoppers seem fine with either greeting. >> i don't see it as, to me it doesn't bother me. i can say merry christmas or happy holidays. or i don't know. something in another language. >> and by the way we saw a gap commercial from last year and it does include the words merry christmas aa.long with other holiday greetings including happy kwanzaa. >> still ahead politician stabbed. coming up, tragedy in virginia. what may be a murder suicide. >> a public relations push. why the army wants only average-looking women. >> and michael finney and consumer reports team up to check out wearable gadgets. should they be on you >>> a virginia lawmaker is recovering after police say he was stabbed by his son. police say the stabbing happened in his home where his son was he was evaluated yesterday but was released because no beds were available. >> he was able to make his way out to the road, after he left the scene on foot. he was able to make his way to the road and has evidently was picked up from, by a family member. >> deeds, a democrat served since 2001. >> diane disney miller, the daughter of
. because there is a gun. you know? he can't help the person. >> you don't lose your wife over a few bucks. >> cyrus works private security where seafood city is located >> we had guys stupid robbing people for belongings they worked for ale their lives. these guys are just thugs is what they are. >> reporter: another robbery in the parking lot of pep boys and another, outside of costco on plaza drive. other victims were followed home from a local safeway. police say this is a grainy photo from costo. witnesses describe a late model lexus, possibly blue, with silver trim. >> california's health care exchange voted today to deny an extension to policy holder who's will see plans cancelled by the end of the year. the five-member board overseeing covered california decided to keep a requirement that insurers cancer individual policies. because they don't meet requirements of the affordable care act this, goes against what the president has been pleading for and asking states sxin surers to allow policy holders to keep existing plans. >> we're going to be weighing what options they're going t
might have happened and why they don't think it's a crime. >>> a reassuring call. who suspected gunman trying to convince that the iran nuclear agreement is a good deal. >>> plus, a massive storm system that's making holiday travel a mess. the areas hardest hit. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >>> good evening and thank you for joining us. a mystery in santa rosa tonight where police are trying to determine what happened to a boy found barely alive. now thank you for joining us. a 15-year-old boy was found bleeding and unconscious at montgomery high school, local high school. police tonight are trying to figure out what happened and think his injuries could be linked to a dangerous sport. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live at the school. cornell? >> reporter: the teen's name has not been released. he's at children's hospital in oakland fighting for his life. he was found here at montgomery high school laying outside of the gym. police wonder if he was playing an extreme sport on the roof. santa rosa police officers are talking to possible witnesses and looking for any evi
're stressed out by holiday travel, you might want to just take a moment or so. enjoy what most airports don't offer. >> i think it's great to hear jazz playing and a perfect time of the year for it. >> happy thanksgiving. abc7 news. >> and unlike airports, traffic on the roads are a mess tonight this, is a live picture of interstate 80 in berkeley. i mean look at this. it's folks trying to get away this looks like friday night on steroids. pretty bad. south bay looking live, traffic is is a little bit better, but nearby in milpitas, just stop and go. >> nightmare, right? >> all right we have a lot more to get to this wednesday night. coming up bay area paramedics flashlights, siren buzz not for an emergency. plus... >> then, parachute pops out like a flower. flying high. some students turning into nasa astronauts. >> and michael finney teams up with consumer reports to reveal the must have electronic gadgets in time for black friday shopping. >>> walgreens stores lending relief to typhoon effort in the philippines. collecting money for the victims. been collected. we have a choice of three
best. >> are there efforts you know national? international efforts are great. we're not saying don't do that. if they've been approaching us, they want to know 100% of the proceed goes to communities. >> he says close to $100,000 has been raised. supporters and donors gathered to pray for welfare of the survivors. in the south bay, one office is engaged in a grass roots fund raising campaign, reaching out to silicon valley companies and buddhist community. providing support and blankets made of recycled bottles. >> when you find sufferers you want to help them. >> if you're interested in these ways of helping go to our web site. and click on see it on tv. >> four marines have been killed in a training accident in camp pendelton. authorities say it happened this morning during a maintenance operation. there is an investigation and identities of the dead being withheld pending notification of relatives. camp pendelton is the home of the first marine division, major marine base on the west coast. >>> a pleasanton man is out of a coma after being badly beaten outside of his home. the
's 60,000 plus people in there that you don't know how everybody is going to react. >> dark storm clouds swirled ominously over the windy city, while tornado warnings went out of for the southern suburbs. across parts of the midwest the government said there was still a high risk for tornadoes and severe weather. the storms could later move into the mid-atlantic and northeast. abc news, new york. >> league league leaving is tracking the storm and has the latest. >> they're already starting to make their way in through ohio. you can see the cleveland area, just in the last 15 or 20 minutes, starting to get pounded as this line of storms starting to move into that vicinity, just past cincinnati, heading toward cleveland right now. very heavy rainfall, possibility of tornadic activity as well. this long, long area is all the way down into portions of the -- portions of kentucky, middle tennessee. you can see just to the east, very heavy showers. one right here starting to move into the nash vol area, and then back on towards waverly, tennessee, and all of this moving east and could possibly
in handy. low 40s to # 50s on the cool side high clouds in the north bay. then, afternoon. i don't think it gets better than this. mountain view, redwood city, 68 half moon bay. downtown san francisco, we're going to take you up to 70 degrees tomorrow. and another bay, highest high clouds here. vallejo, walnut, 76. check out the accu-weather forecast. a beautiful, mild day tomorrow. but there are some people who dmot like this kind of weather. don't ask who. cooler weather is coming. all the way into weekend with increase in cloud cover by weekend, mid-60s at best. and then, on veteran's day, our live doppler seven will be tracking a possibility of rain, with that lingering chance into tuesday morning. so, our mild to warm cell will be coming to an end. if this one computer model is right, we're still waiting to see, because other models are not really in agreement. we'll have to wait to see what happens. until then, enjoy this gorgeous weather. i'm januaried patel. it's dark outside. thank you. >> saving time, why there may be fewer delays at san francisco international airport. >> this
holder were walking outside on a concourse. they saw the woman, 45 feet above. >> i'm not a hero. i don't wear a batman suit or superman, these, you know these characters i just reacted the way i did. >> despite efforts, the young woman still sustained a serious head injury, remaining in critical condition at highland hospital. >> amazing story. >> there are several new developments tonight in a hate crime case in san jess yeah state the president of the university is accepting full responsibility saying by failing to recognize the gravity of the behavior, we failed him, i failed him. that is not enough to satisfy angry students and naacp. four white students have been suspended, three charged with misdemeanor battery hate crimes. >> reporter: african american students and their supporters are not happy with the university president saying he's been ignoring them for months about growing problems more than 100 students lined up near the dorm where the black student was tormented wore tape to protest how the university doesn't listen to them. some raised their fists to mirror the stat u
her. >> basically i'll take the baby and leave. i don't need you no more. stuff like that. >> was the baby born i'm going to take him and leave. >> reporter: police believe he may have driven south and could be in san diego where he apparently has relatives. someone reported seeing his suv in the hill crest neighborhood between 9:00 and 10:00 last night. around midnight police picked up a ping from a cell phone, then another possible sighting in national city. vic lee, abc7 news. >> breaking news now a gunman shot nine people in a barber shop in detroit >> three victims have died. police have closed off a stretch of road where that shooting happened. officers say all victims are men. >> police are now looking for two chevolet impalas. the police chief says the barber shop is known for gambling but motive is unclear. >> menlo park police are asking for help in finding a witness to a deadly traffic accident. police claim a woman was drunk when the couple was out walking their dog. witnesses believe a man driving a white ford ex-plower witnessed the event. >>> an out pouring
a festival when finney is there. >> finally. and then, if you don't want to just eat but have a good time, the harvest festival in san mateo is getting ready to occur. it's on november 15th-17. we're going to give you a free ticket there worth $nine the taco worth $five >> finney's friday free stuff festival. >> it's alphabet news today, right? how do we get this good stuff? >> i'll show you right here. at any time log on to abc7 >> she bores in. >> yes. >> highly trained journalist. right? >> it may surprise to you learn that nearly 4,000 young people under 18 smoke a cigarette for the first time every day according to cdc. even with education available about dangers of smoking, coming up sunday, we talked to experts about the damaging and often deadly affects of smoking from lung cancer to heart disease. plus, how second and thirdhand smoke could harm those around us. especially children and those with weak immune systems we're going to have advise you with you on how to quit smoking. >> 4,000 kids per day? >> every day. >> still nz to those who've encountered welcome to cover
filipino american unite church of christ. >> we know there is no food, they don't have housing, they're trying to find family members, saying goodbye to them. >> at the end of the service, a simple green basket was used to collect donations for the victims, and as amazing grace played, every member of the church took time to give. ♪ >> and the church says it will continue to collect donations through the month. meantime, that relief drive on the el camino collected 47 boxes of food and $1,600 in donations. live in san bruno, abc7 news. >>> if you would like to help those affected by the storm, go to our web site and click on "see it on tv". >>> haiyan is now weakening. leigh glaser is tracking the storm. >> it certainly is but still packing some pretty good wind speeds. right now it's category one, starting to move in just to the northeast portions of vietnam, but it's just barely a typhoon, as it makes its way, landfall, head can towards the north northeast. winds will start to come down to 60 miles-per-hour later this evening, and as it heads into the southeastern portions of chi
don't know. our position is that we have an agreement we voted it. >> but bart maintains the pro vision, giving six weeks of paid family leave without having to use sick, or vacation time first ended up in the contract by mistake. >> it was not intended to be in the contract. it's under investigation how it ended up in the contract. >> bart claims it was signed by bart management. only because of a temporary employee put it in a stack of papers. >> some rider are flabbergast by the the glitch. >> that is unreal you'd have objection after negotiate yeahings are complete, twice. >> i think union is not going to strike but go owing to have to come up with a compromise it's showing scombart their people are not quite on the ball. >> bart board meets again this thursday. on the agenda is a vote on whether to ratify the contract between the district and unions. in walnut creek, abc7 news. >> one man is being praised as a hero tonight after helping to evacuate more than a thousand people just before the super typhoon hit the philippines the tiny island almost destroyed every home in a l
this large tree in southbound lane of 17 just north. traffic was a mess thal tree was cleared away. >> we don't know whether weather was the reason for an unexpected emergency in lafayette today. it did happen during a storm. a brand new power pole suddenly came crashing down, bringing live wires with it. people were warned there was a risk of electrocution. laura? >> reporter: mostly to workers who are on the building behind me. let's show you what's happening. the right now, pg&e has a crew here pulling it at the angle there. so construction site sent to the bottom of the hill. once rain water came flowing down, a trench filled and a pole went down, nearly missing dozens of workers on their lunch break. it's a new power pole that apparently just went into the ground recently as part of the construction of a senior living complex in lafayette this, afternoon it gave way hitting middle frame and taking another pole with it. >> i think it's scary. i mean we've been watching this construction since day one. it's been safe and they've been conscientious. >> i guess they didn't think the pole is
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